The Falkirk Group provides business growth and development facilitation services.

You have access to support in the areas of growth strategies, transaction readiness, grant readiness and application support, business derisking, sale, exit and succession strategy preparation.

Clients cover a range of projects and enterprises in Australia and off-shore, including agribusiness, manufacturing, distribution, information technologies, disruptive technologies and mining services.

We have a particular emphasis with assisting businesses, of all types, emanating from or based in regional Australia.

Minds & Money

If you are a SME business owner, you may believe that access to capital, enough to grow your business successfully, is the limiting factor. Invariably this is not the case – in fact it’s hardly ever the case!

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None of us lack the will to start. Everyone starts, we sign up to gym memberships, we buy diet books, we go to seminars, we start new product and business plans, we start new education and training programmes. Sadly not enough of us follow through to completion

If and when we ask you a question or offer guidance, you can be sure that we will be drawing from personal experience.

We try never to challenge you to create a bigger future, because it appeals to our intellect.

If we confront you to take action, it is because we've done it ourselves, or have failed to do it, or seen others in the same predicament and know (from experience) the difference.

You are guaranteed a fresh perspective and a healthy dose of authenticity in the communication we have, and an honesty in the accountability called for.

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A comprehensive team working with you

Our core team has wide ranging experience having worked with hundreds of businesses, individuals and organisations throughout Australia and overseas and we can call on our network of specialists to work for you as required. This ensures you recieve the greatest value/investment returns.

We apply three fundamental principals when working together

  • Care - We show care for those we work directly with, those who are part of the business we work with, and those who have funded or you are seeking to fund your business.
  • Protect - Protection relates to ensuring you don't unknowingly step outside the guidelines required of running your business from a legal and ethical viewpoint and to protect the interests of current and future investors.
  • Guide - Guidance relates to providing direction and support while you work with us. This also relates to alerting you if you are diverging from yout stated path or to challenge you when taking certain steps which may bring your business strategies undone.
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Our services are not just a department or subsidiary of another main unrelated discipline or professional service.

Our raison d'être is to assist you and your people to create a bigger future for yourselves and your business

Our Approach

For decades, disparate advisors, playing different roles, at different times, have been supporting business growth and development. And while maintaining the status quo may appear safe, when you look at creating a bigger future for your business, utilising compartmentalised experts and a decentralized approach to service provision, invariably increases your risks and makes the rewards less certain.

So while your success depends greatly on the top-tier business you manage, legal and accounting talent you know and trust ... they must be coordinated as a single, cohesive team working toward the same, clearly defined and widely accepted objectives and goals.

Effective enterprises rely on skilled executive leaders to build and manage the people, systems and solutions that keep things moving in a clear and strategic direction.

Effective business growth and team management depends on accessing "expert generalists", as advocates and guides who can identify and solve tough problems utilising appropriate networks and contacts, whilst remaining principled, unbiased, focused and, above all, collaborative.

This management expertise and focus is what the Falkirk Group brings to the table.

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All businesses are "growing or going" and preparation is required for either event.

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