The Falkirk Group works with businesses and their teams that have unique intellectual assets and processes specifically across regional Australia.

Our team brings an expansive focus capable of increasing overall business performance through a big picture vision that impacts on all areas of your organisation. We work with you and your team to assist in creating a bigger future for yourself and your business.

  • Business development facilitation;
  • Growth, exit and succession planning; and
  • Strategic
  • Services to corporate, wholesale and institutional clients.

We assist in managing projects, developing new business models and implementing long term plans that enable you to create foundational change along with sound management practices. The team who works with you has a strong history of working with growing and rapidly changing organizations, transforming these enterprises into highly profitable and productive businesses.

In short our focus is on matching intellectual assets and skills with capital and contacts to enhance the value of your assets, business and projects.


growth point agribusiness provides strategic support, access to intellectual asset development, strategic planning and match making processes into selected Australian agribusiness ventures to enable them to achieve dynamic growth.

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